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 HP printers, as a strong tool for effective and dependable printing with guided perfection, came an integral demand of our particular also as business life. Get your hands on the simplest HP printer within the request and set up out the device followed by a group of guidelines via123.hp.com/setup. Confirm to use valid credentials to avoid crimes the maximum quantum as possible.123.hp.com 

 The123.hp.com/setup provides esteeming services to druggies and way to put in the device on your system. This setup runner aids the druggies in configuring the123.hp.com/setup printer on your device for the primary time and provides vital information during the coming requirements. The way include prerequisites for the setup, establishing the network connection, installing the HP wireless printer setup, and download the driving force setup.123.hp.com 

Steps to Setup HP Printer at 123.hp.com/setup

1. Unbox the HP printer by removing all the packing, including the cover and tape.

2. Handle all the parts of the printer carefully to avoid damage to any part of the printer.

3. Check all the accessories and gadgets that come alongside the HP printer.

4. Link printer with an influence cord to determine an influence connection and switch on the printer.

5. Connect the printer with a computer or laptop using a coaxial cable.

6. Take a bunch of papers without wrinkles or any curl and place those papers into the printer's paper tray after coitus interruptus the inner tray.

7. Insert black and colored ink within the respective slots of ink cartridges.

8. Click on the printer’s instrument panel and attend settings to line time, date, and printer language.

9. Open the document that must be print.

How to Install HP Printer at 123.hp.com/setup?

1. Open the download folder on your computer or laptop.

2. Click on the downloaded driver, then double click thereon to put it in your system.

3. Once you click on software, a dialogue box appears on the screen. Click on the run to continue the installation process.

4. HP setup page seems on your screen. Click on the move button to travel ahead to the code choice page.

5. Choose customized software from the code choice page.

6. Now, click on some checkboxes to agree or disagree on the terms of an agreement. Click on next to start the installation of the HP printer code.

7. Put code and drivers on your computer or laptop. Await a while until the installation is completed.

8. Select an appropriate connection from the affiliation screen and continue the installation process.

How to Download and Install Printer Drivers of HP Printer at 123.hp.com/setup?

1. Activate your computer and HP printer.

2. After opening your computer, open any program which you wish to use.

3. Type 123.hp.com/setup in the program and press enter.

4. Determine your printer's model number and enter the model number of your printer in the given space posing for your HP printer model number.

5. A list of best printer drivers or software displays on a display screen.

6. Select one among the simplest printer driver or software among the list supported by your OS.

7. Click on download choice to download the driving force or software.

8. Then, attend to the downloaded folder and run the software file to put in the drivers.

9. After the installation of the printer, you'll take the printing experience.

Steps to Transfer Drivers of HP Printer at 123.hp.com/setup

1. Firstly, open the 123.hp.com/setup webpage.

2. Then look for another quite printer model.

3. You get an inventory of drivers, and code is additionally displayed on the screen of the pc.

4. Select one among the acceptable drivers from the list of all the drivers consistent with your OS.

5. Download the chosen driver.

6. After downloading the driving force, click on the transfer button.

7. Transfer of driver takes a while.

8. Once the driving force is transferred, you'll install the driving force.

How to Re-install and Uninstall 123.hp.com/setup Drivers?

1. The setup of your HP printer fails if drivers aren't installed properly.

2. It's better to uninstall the existing driver or software during this sort of situation and re-install an updated version.

3. Go to the search bar, then click on applications, then open the HP folder.

4. By using the HP Uninstaller, uninstall the drivers or software.

5. Now, visit 123.hp.com/setup. Install and configure your HP printer.

123.hp.com/setup - Steps to Configure HP Printers Setup

Setup and Installation of HP Printer

Installation of drivers or software

Printing techniques

Troubleshooting of HP printer

HP Printer Wireless Setup at 123.hp.com/setup

1. Open printer instrument panel and look for Wi-Fi option.

2. After searching, click on the Wi-Fi direct option and scroll down for settings.

3. Click on activate the choice and activate Wi-Fi on your HP printer.

4. Using Wi-Fi direct method, you'll connect five wireless devices.

5. You'll also use this method for those devices that feature a USB connection.

6. Check the internet connection before going ahead.

7. Open HP printer software. Click on the Tools option, then open device setup software.

8. Click on Connect a replacement device.

9. To attach five wireless devices, click on the wireless option.

10. Visit 123.hp.com/setup to work out steps to setup wifi on the printer.

123.hp.com/setup HP Wireless Protected Setup in Windows

1. Turn on your HP printer.

2. Open the instrument panel of your printer and presses the wireless icon.

3. Go to the settings, then select Wireless Setup Wizard. The wizard searches for all available networks and displays a list of all networks.

4. Now, follow all the instructions that come on your screen.

5. To finish the connection, select the name of your network from the list. Download HP wireless software if you're required.

6. Enter SSID and password of your home network. Connect your HP printer with the wireless network.

7. You'll also connect your printer to the router by using the WPS button. Connect your HP printer to your home network by press the WPS button on your HP printer and router.

123.hp.com/setup HP Wireless Protected Setup in Mac

1. Make sure that your computer, router, and printer are switched on. Also, make sure your computer is connected to the wireless network.

2. Open the instrument panel of your printer and click on the wireless icon. Now, attend settings and click on on the hp printer Wireless install/Setup Wizard. It searches and displays a list of all available networks.

3. Follow all the instructions at 123.hp.com/setup. Select your network from the list of obtainable networks, then complete the connection setup process.

4. Now, click on the Apple menu then the About This Mac option. Check for software updates. If there's any update, then update the software.

5. Select system preference from the Apple menu to scan or print. Choose your HP printer's name by clicking on the “+” check-in lower-left corner of the window.

6. Add your printer if your printer isn't listed.

7. Restart all the applications after adding the name of your printer and also use updated HP software. Now, your HP printer is connected to a MAC computer

Mobile Printing at 123.hp.com/setup

Cloud Printing

1. Open files over the web so as to print them through Google Cloud Print.

2. To work out the printer mail address, access the E-Print service

3. Check the web connection

4. You'll print through Chromebook and Android devices by signing it into the Google account.


1. By using the e-print service, get access to your HP printer.

2. Check the web connection and therefore the connection between computer and printer

3. From the printer e-print address, compose an email. Take printouts of them

4. Once the e-mail is received, the HP printer starts to require printouts.


1. Use active and a robust internet connection to require a print out from your Apple devices

2. With HP mobile printing option, you'll easily use any version of Mac OS to print a document

USB Setup for HP Printers for Windows at 123.hp.com/setup

1. Turn on HP Printer

2. Use USB cable to attach computer and printer

3. Open Windows menu and locate all the devices

4. Select printer options and devices got to connect

5. Click on Remove Device choice to remove current using printer from the list

6. Install the drivers

7. Complete all the steps for 123 HP printer USB setup

8. Choose a full-featured driver when selecting the drivers for your HP printer

USB Setup for HP Printers for Mac at 123.hp.com/setup

1. Activate HP printer

2. Use USB cable for establishing a connection between printer and computer

3. Install the hp printer driver to proceed further

4. To download the driving force, use Apple Software Update or HP Easy Start Setup Software

5. Click on Driver-Product Installation Software and look for the download option

6. Select connection type as USB to travel to HP Easy Start file

7. Add a printer to the network

Troubleshooting for 123.hp.com/setup HP Printer

Following are some problems that will face during installation or setup of HP printer and while printing the document:

1. Computer become hangs while using HP printer to print the document

2. The printer driver isn't installed properly

3. Faced an issue of paper mismatch error

4. Paper feeder picks multiple sheets at a time

5. Low printing speed while printing paper

6. Printing error and paper jam

7. Using outdated or corrupted printer drivers

8. Facing problem in fixing hp printer drivers or installing the printer

9. Jam of toner cartridge

10. Face issue in configuration of your HP printer


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